Choosing Between Dental Bridges and Implants: Which Suits You Better?

Things can turn bad to worse if you ignore tooth decay in its onset. Tooth decay occurs when bacteria spreads from the tooth pulp to the surrounding areas or throughout the periodontal tissues which causes inflamed gums or even an abscess. In the long run, tooth extraction may be considered and you’ll permanently lose your natural tooth. Fortunately, modern dentistry has solved that problem if preventive measures fail. You won’t have to go through the rest of your without teeth which will lead to further dental related problems.Relief

Dental implants and bridges are two of the most common dental procedures that patients seek from their dentists when suffering from tooth loss. While these are totally different procedures, they share the same goal of replacing missing teeth with natural-looking false ones. Both can fill in the gap that the lost tooth has left, but before deciding which is best, it is best to learn how the procedures are done first.

Implants and Bridges in a Nutshell

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