So Why Are My Teeth So Sensitive? Here Are The Reasons.


Mouthwash: Some people just overdo it when it comes to using their mouthwash. If you are rinsing your mouth with this solution several times per day, you risk developing sensitive teeth.This mainly happens because the greatest majority of mouthwashes contain certain acids that make the sensitive teeth issue worse. Make sure you use a mouthwash that contains neutral fluoride.oranges

Acidic Foods: When you consume plenty of fruit juices, tomatoes and other acidic foods the enamel on your teeth will start eroding. When the enamel gets thinner, more of the dentin becomes exposed and your teeth will become more sensitive.Stay away from over-consuming these acidic foods, and also make sure to rinse your mouth with plain water after consuming these foods to avoid the attack of the acids on your teeth. Also, you can neutralize acids in your mouth by consuming a piece of cheese after meals.

Teeth Whitening: Using teeth whitening products too often, or brushing your teeth too hard will also play an important role in dental enamel erosion. Use teeth whitening products in moderation, and purchase a toothbrush with soft bristles which is gentle with your teeth. Also, use gentle cleaning toothpaste containing natural ingredients, and get rid of abrasive and harsh toothpastes that will only aggravate the sensitive teeth situation.

Teeth Grinding: Bruxism– or grinding of the teeth also destroys the natural structure of your teeth. Over time, your teeth might become sensitive. Some people opt for dental veneers or dental crowns in order to create a shield of protection for their teeth.Or, you should start wearing a special custom made night mouth guard during nights so that teeth grinding will stop. download (1)


 Gum Recession: If you are struggling with gum recession, chances are you also have to put up with tooth sensitivity. The roots of your teeth are nicely protected by gum tissue, but when the gums recede the root becomes exposed thus causing sensitive teeth. If you suspect gum recession problems. Check your teeth in the mirror often and if you notice that spaces are forming between your teeth and your teeth have also become more sensitive, you may struggle with gum disease in its incipient phase.


 Recent Dental Work: Short term tooth sensitivity can also be caused by recent dental work. If you just got your dental crowns, implants or veneers placed, you might notice that your teeth are very sensitive. You should not worry, because this is only a temporary side effect and sensitivity will go away in a few weeks. Teeth which are cracked, or teeth with decay may also cause dental sensitivity. However, after getting proper treatment such as dental bonding or fillings, sensitivity will go way.


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