Tooth Problem? Stop Taking Illegal Medicine

Heavy or improper use of drugs and/or wrong prescriptions can cause damage to your teeth, gums and oral tissues.

Taking meditation long term, for any purpose, is not good for both adults as well as children. Nowadays, people are taking many medicines directly from the pharmacy rather OTC Medicationsthan by prescription written by their physician or dentist.

Medicines such as aspirin, antihistamines, asthma drugs and various types of syrups can be damaging to teeth. You should always disclose to your doctor about any medications taken for other diseases.

Antihistamines are the drugs taken for allergies. Heavy usage can cause side effects especially the risk of gum problems.

Aspirin is acidic in nature and can cause harm to tooth enamel. Patients should not chew this drug and should swallow directly with water.images

Chemotherapy drugs, Oral contraceptives, Immunosuppressive drugs, and Syrups without prior doctor consultation can harm the teeth.

Drug addiction especially methamphetamine can cause SERIOUS dental problems. If the problem gets intensive and  treatment can’t be started  in the early stages then one may end up suffering chronic pain, complete loss of teeth or treatment that will turn out to be very expensive.

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Getting highly addicted to medications is always harmful and can cause major dental as well as  overall health problems. This can result in bleeding, inflammation or ulceration with damage to your gums, teeth  and sometimes even loss of teeth.


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